Forward Movement

With our increasing number of satisfied customers, we've outgrown two offices and now own the historic Carter-Gilmer building in downtown Charlottesville.

Technology Consultants Who Understand How Businesses Work

Our IT consultants believe technology should support your business, not stall it. We design and implement solutions that free up your team to focus on things that really matter.


We help...


  • Track performance data in one place
  • Ensure smooth hand-offs between departments
  • Enhance your customer experience


  • Spend your time using reports vs creating them
  • Customize the system to your unique needs
  • Streamline workflows; remove workarounds

IT Teams

  • Enable proactivity; reduce reactivity
  • Optimize or enhance existing architecture
  • Get specialized expertise when needed

Certifications & Partnerships


About Tech Dynamism

“Dynamism” represents our mission to align the “forces” of technology with business goals.

  • growing-seed

    How It Began

    Personalizing Code For a Purpose

    Our founder - in his 20+ years as a technology expert - observed many companies struggle to find unbiased, innovative IT partners, and wanted to make consulting more honest and accessible.

  • supporting-businesses

    Why We Do What We Do

    Technology is our friend

    Our goals is to make technology work for you, not against you -- freeing up your team to focus on your customers and grow your business.

  • led-by-you

    How We Do This

    Development led by you

    Since every organization is unique, understanding your needs is key to tailoring our approach. Everyone involved is on the same team with your priorities. We adapt as your needs evolve.

  • values

    What Makes Us Different

    We enjoy what we do

    Our values drive our work. We do what's right, not what's easy. We enjoy what we do, and we're proud when we see our clients thrive with the right technologies.

How Our Team Works

We partner with you as one team -- working towards your goals as we would our own.


Our typical team

We collaborate with you to deliver the solution through these different roles below.

  Project Manager

Mission To ensure success and be your primary point of contact

  Business Analyst

Mission To understand and translate your business needs

  Software Engineering Team

Mission To architect and develop the solution

  User Experience Designer

Mission To design an intuitive and seamless interface for the application

  Quality Assurance Analyst

Mission To ensure the solution meets your expectations

Connect With Us

Contact Us

800 E. Jefferson Street, Charlottesville VA 22902  |  (434) 227-5324  |

Join Us

Though the right experiences and skills are necessary, we value your cultural fit with our team the most.


Our people are the heart of our business

We seek to align what we do, with what we get most excited about. That drives the extraordinary service we give our clients, standing by them until everyone is satisfied. Our bottom line is critically important, but our vision extends beyond it -- we are deeply committed to serving our communities so all can thrive.

We are growing steadily because...

  • People love working here
  • Clients keep wanting to work with us, and
  • Businesses need trustworthy, affordable IT solutions

Our team particularly enjoys the...

  • Consistent 40-hour work week
  • Flexible working schedule
  • 25 days of PTO (including holidays)
  • Training, mentorship and career growth
  • Pro bono opportunities